Adaptive NACSAR

Our Latest Project – NeuroGroove Adaptive NASCAR

Falci Adaptive Biosystems, through its Falci Adaptive Motorsports program, is currently collaborating with Falconworks, Air Force Academy, Air Force Research Laboratory, Craig Hospital, and the Furniture Row Warehouse NASCAR team to develop technology that will allow a disabled individual who cannot use his or her arms or legs, to drive a genuine NASCAR racecar, solely with “smart” glasses technology. Collaboraters will incorporate this same technology to a wheelchair, to give those with limited mobility more independence.

Why We Are Doing This

Greater ease of mobility and transportation are needed in the daily lives of the disabled. Technology allowing them to drive an actual NASCAR racecar not only pushes the limits and inspires, providing access to a new adaptive sport, but can become practical and life changing when incorporated into wheelchairs, golf carts, and other modes of transportation delivering the independence many of us take for granted.

How It Works

reconThis technology works through a concept called human-machine interface. This advanced technology is interfaced to a human to help compensate for the disabilities of the individual.

In our current project we will be interfacing “smart” glasses technology. The glasses worn by the individual will operate the drive systems of the race car. The user will have the ability to drive the car with nothing more than head movements. Additionally, the smart glass technology will allow for a heads up display which will allow information to be projected to the individual regarding their particular surroundings.